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I was born with a rare condition called Dejerine - Sottas. It means that I have very little sensation, no saving reactions, severe muscle weakness and a lack of motor control. I also have severe scoliosis, resulting in a double spinal fusion, the full length of my back. When I was 4 years old, my Physiotherapist suggested that I should try riding. This is when I first went to Penniwells RDA, purely for therapy.

I progressed from being dependant on a leader & 2 side helpers to being able to ride on my own. This is where my interest in dressage first became apparent. Having begun riding on Flossie and winning competitions and a junior International at the age of 10, I was then very lucky to find my first pony Brockholm Royal Vagabond.

My most memorable moment was competing in Belgium at the age of 12 with Brockholm Royal Vagabond. This was my first competition abroad and I won the juniors section. It was a fantastic experience that I will never forget.

In July 2011, I was given the ride on Lambrusco III, owned by The Para Dressage Training Trust (PDTT), and previously ridden by Sophie Christiansen. Thanks go to the PDTT and Clive Milkins for giving me the opportunity to compete on this amazing horse. We competed at the Bishop Burton Para Dressage 2* Senior International in the grade 1a class. This was my first 2* International and we exceeded all expectations,  being the youngest in the world to win at this level.

Aura taught me so much and together we successfully competed at International level before she sustained an injury in the field. She has now returned to Germany and is very happy at the Kasselman's Yard as a broodmare.

I now have two very talented horses from Elder Klatzko Dressage

Rohan (Roo) & Skjoldsgaard Hippo-Vo (Hippo) and we are working towards Tokyo 2020 Paralympics

Trained By Elder Klatzko

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