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My dream is to compete in the Paralympics and Win a Gold Medal.
I am seeking sponsorship & donations to help make my dream a reality.

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Never thought I'd ever have to write this. Many of you may know that my big brother and best friend James Murphy has passed away in a tragic accident. He is and forever will be a massive inspiration to me and many other people. he was the nicest and genuinely one of the best guys out there...You have given me and so many others such amazing memories, you always had a smile on your face and wouldn't rest until everyone around you was smiling. I'll miss you more than anything bro!

From Fb Michael Murphy Dressage


This is my story, hopefully in reading explains how your support is the key to making my dream to compete at The Europeans, Worlds and Paralympics.

I cannot achieve this without your help!

 I was born in London with a rare progressive disorder called Dejerine-Sottas. This is a peripheral neuropathy and means having no reflexes, little sensation, low muscle tone and lack of motor control.

However, this has given me an amazing opportunity to represent my country in Para Dressage. I am aiming for The Paralympics and I have a very talented horse Rohan (Roo) and we have a special bond. Being able to ride and feel free when you cannot walk independently and being able to compete never mind represent my country is uplifting.

My family fought for me to go to mainstream school, working hard on exercise and therapy including horse riding aged 4. I am so grateful to family and friends for all their support. It is time for me to be brave and ask for help for myself!

The riding has been a huge part of my life physically and emotionally and I have competed successfully at International level since the age of 10.

At 14 I became the youngest in the world to win a 2* International and have since gone onto win 3* Internationals. It was a privilege to be asked to carry the Olympic torch in 2012 - a day I will never forget.

Our lives as a family were rocked in 2015 when my older brother James died aged 20 saving another life in New Zealand. He was the most kind and giving young man I have ever known and it hurts. I had an 8 hour operation on my back in 2011 for a double spinal fusion and it was James who was there when I came out of the anaesthetic.

In 2016 I was due to study Biology at Warwick University, the same University that James would have been finishing his last year. However hard it would be I was determined to go and I am now in my 3rd year and enjoying it. And studying at University in a wheelchair has worked surprisingly well.

However, turning 21 was hard for obvious reasons and in the middle of all this my horse went lame and I stopped competing for 2 years. My family and particularly my brother had been so supportive so I was determined to carry on. I found a lovely safe horse (Roo) and started competing Internationally again with my Irish Citizenship for Ireland as I needed a fresh start and went onto win a 3*International for them this year.

I am on target to qualify for The Europeans next year and Tokyo 2020 Paralympics Games.

To make this dream happen I would need another horse to work alongside the one I have which I have hopefully now found! And a lorry adapted for my disability. It costs in the region of £32,000 to keep and compete one horse a year so £64,000 to keep two horses. A back up horse is essential to make sure I can still go if for whatever reason one horse cannot compete. Therefore, with all the costs added up it will come to the staggering amount of around £200,000 to take me up to Tokyo 2020.

Should have chosen a less expensive sport!

Para Equestrian Ireland, hopefully will fund Tokyo but the Internationals and Europeans are self funding!

I am determined to make this dream a reality and so really do need your help financially or with fundraising. I would like to achieve this not only for myself but for my parents and younger brother, my friends and friends of James who have been raising money, but most importantly for James as he always believed I would make it to the Paralympics. Take a look at my GoFundMe page.

If you are able, please donate directly to MMPT Lloyds TSB

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This way the Trust benefits from the whole donation but we will not know who has donated so thank you in advance. All other information on how to donate or help with fundraising is on the Donation Page. If you can donate fantastic, if not thank you for taking the time to read my story.

Thank you
Michael Murphy

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