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The RVC Equine Practice is staffed by a dedicated team of experienced equine vets working throughout Hertfordshire and into neighbouring counties.

You can be confident that whether looking after the needs of an international athlete or a family pet, we provide the same level of service at cost-effective prices.

We aim to care for your horse, as far as possible, at home.  Our clients enjoy this convenience and most importantly, this ensures veterinary care and treatment is provided where your horse feels most comfortable.

If your horse requires urgent or specialist attention, our Equine Practice team have immediate access to specialists at the RVC’s Equine Referral Hospital. Here a dedicated team of accredited, internationally recognised clinical specialists provide a comprehensive service including medicine, surgery and diagnostic imaging, supported by a team of highly professional Equine Veterinary Nurses, Equine Technicians and Senior Clinical Veterinary Students.

The hospital provides a specialist 24 hour emergency service for equine referrals 365 days per year. 

Royal Veterinary College

Hawkshead Lane

North Mymms




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We first met Michael at a Para dressage training and development day at South Bucks RDA in 2011.  We were immediately impressed with his positive character and his attitude to succeed.    Michael and his horses have had particular  benefit from the Equilibrium Therapy Massage range, using the products to warm up both himself and the horses!

 We are delighted to be supporting Michael and his team in helping to achieve his goals.


 Company profile

 Equilibrium Products was founded from one problem solving product created 14 years ago. The company has since evolved, designing innovative products with the wellbeing of the horse foremost in mind across six ranges including leg protection, sun and fly protection and an award winning massage and magnetic therapy range.  

Their focus as horse owners has been to deliver and develop hard working products that really make a difference.  Full details of all their ranges can be found at


Point Two Jackets        

Welcome to Point Two air jackets "For a Safer Ride"

Point Two air jackets are for everyone, from children on ponies and leisure riders to top-level event riders. Whether you're looking for an extra measure of safety while hacking to the latest, revolutionary combination body protector and air vest.

Point Two has been manufacturing air jackets for horse riders since 2009. Our products are used by hunting riders, polo players, professional jockeys and endurance riders — as well as military riders and mounted police officers around the world.

Point Two jackets are available in a wide range of sizes and colours, and all are re-usable, serviceable and made from tough, wipe-clean fabric.

Choose from the original ProAir vest for children or adults or the revolutionary P2-RS — the world’s first integrated combination of a BETA Level 3 body protector and air jacket approved for use in competition.

  Point Two


Official Sponsors of Team GBR               



ThinLine is a company devoted to making horses and riders more comfortable. ThinLine products are made with the only true open-cell foam on the market and are endorsed by equine chiropractors and human spinal surgeons alike. ThinLine pads distribute weight and shock by dispersing pressure points laterally over a larger area, and do so while taking up very little space under the saddle. ThinLine riders have a better connection with their horses because the pads allow enhanced feel and communication. ThinLine is excited to sponsor Michael Murphy because he is great voice for the product. His dedication and perseverance, coupled with his great attitude and accomplishments, can help spread the word about ThinLine to the Para-Dressage world. If our partnership can make just one more horse or rider comfortable, that is a success!



Who buys ThinLine and why?


1. Does your horse lift his back quickly? 

2. Does your horse move soft, comfortable and with relaxed power?

3. Is your back sore after riding?

4. Do you wish you could sit quieter and make your aids more subtle?

4. Does your tack move?

5. Do you wish for better contact?

6. Does your tack rub your horse?

7. Do you wonder if your saddle fits well? (does your horse buck?)

If you answer yes to any or all of these questions we hope you will try a ThinLine. With our money back guarantee you can see and feel the difference. 

 ThinLine creates the bond between rider and horse by providing clearer communication, softer connection, protection and comfort for horse and rider.

 Easy Safe Saddle Fit  Most ThinLine pads have an opening at the center bottom to easily slide in an insert (shim). Texture and design ensure the insert stays put. (Inserts are available when you click on a Saddle Fitting pad)Inserts (also called shims) are  cut with a 45 degree angle to ensure there is never a pressure point.   Available in two thicknesses: 1/4 inch and 3/16 inch.  Stack inserts to increase lift. Once muscle tone improves simply remove the insert and keep riding in your ThinLine pad protecting your horses’ back. 


            saddle fitting shims Comfort Cotton Quilted Dressage Square Saddle PadSo simple to shim