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Simply Rugs

Welcome to Simply Rugs Equestrian Laundry, we specialise in cleaning, repairing and reproofing of horse rugs of all kinds. We have dealers right across the Midlands, South and East of England, you can find one near to you by using our partner finder.

At Simply Rugs we understand that your horse rugs are important to you, we know they are valuable and that your horse's welfare is paramount. We tag every rug with a unique ID from the moment it comes in the door to the moment it is handed back to you so you can be certain you get the same rug back, cleaned beautifully, reproofed against the harshest weather and where necessary repaired to the highest standards.

We are eco friendly and strive to reduce our impact on the environment every day, we will dry rugs naturally wherever possible and wash them in cold water but without compromising the quality of the result. Cold washing also ensures that your rugs stay in shape, the same size they came to us and that the seams will not be damaged in any way.

We use the latest in insecticides and anti bacterial washes to ensure that all traces of infection are removed from the rugs so that cross or re-contamination risks are absolutely minimised. We are highly experienced in handling contaminated rugs such as ringworm and offer a specialist service to eliminate the risks of recontaminating your now ringworm-free horse. Please let us know if you suspect any infection might be present in your rugs, it will help us to know what they may be infected with but we routinely segregate batches and always apply insecticide and anti-bacterial techniques to ensure that your rugs are safe as well as clean.

Our partners are also similarly experienced and with over 100 locations across the Midlands, South and East of England we're sure to have a location convenient for you.

At Simply Rugs we are horse people ourselves, we have kept horses since, well we can't remember back that far, it is our passion for the horse that ensures we understand what you need and want for your horse, no rug goes out of our door that we wouldn't be completely happy to put on our own horses.

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